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Health and Wellness University promotes well-being and takes a holistic approach to living longer, healthier, more joyful, fulfilling, and successful lives.

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Health and Wellness University is a Proud Continuing Education Provider of The National Board of Health & Wellness Coaching

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Join us for the 5th Online Health and Wellness Conference 
on August 19, 2021!
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Whether it is High Performance Coaching or other Health and Wellness University events and services, don't take our word for it, see for yourself what others are saying...
“Having Fernando as my high performance coach made a huge difference in my life. He brought so much positive energy, enthusiasm, professional experience, and strategies to every coaching session. Fernando has a wealth of professional experience and was able to provide powerful guidance in professional challenges and effective practical advice tailored to my needs.  He  motivated me to think creatively, positively, and critically. His high performance coaching is very uplifting and inspired me to keep pushing myself to new heights.”
Angelo Villareal
“Fernando has been my 'go to' high performance coach throughout my professional trajectory.  Fernando provided me with a lot of positive reinforcement and always found a way to challenge me to improve.  He never gave up and helped me create a framework to identify the changes I needed to make in the midst of professional and personal challenges. Fernando is truly the most positive and inspiring person I know, he is always learning, growing, challenging himself, and pursuing a greater sense of self.  Most importantly, Fernando empowered me to believe in myself, and for that I am forever grateful.”
Reema Moosa
“Fernando provided a lot of insights and ideas throughout my time working with him.  If you're interested in investing in your personal and professional growth simultaneously, he's the coach to go to. I really appreciated how Fernando took a holistic approach to coaching, starting from helping you refine yourself from the inside out.”
Clifford Fajardo
“Having Fernando Flores as my high performance coach has been one of the greatest investments I have made in myself.  His guidance, strategies, and resources helped me achieve my professional goals and navigate professional challenges in an effective way.  I continue to work with him because his professional experience in combination with his health and wellness tools, strategies, and resources have helped me in my professional and personal development.”
Veronica Canton
“The Health and Wellness Conference is a place to come together as a community, network with each other, and learn from our own experiences and others' experiences about holistic health and wellness and how to live a happier, more fulfilling and less stressful life." 
Bradley Barringer
“The Self-Empower Hour is a conversation between like-minded and accomplished individuals that invest in their well-being. Through the solutions proposed by the Self-Empower Hour community, I realize that I am not alone in trying to figure out the balance between seeking my version of success and staying healthy mentally, physically, and spiritually. It’s a great tribe to journey personal and professional life with.”
Jacqueline Millen
Business Professional
“Fernando, the Founder of Health and Wellness University, is a phenomenal motivational speaker who presents in a genuine manner. Fernando has charm and charisma and past experiences that inform his ability to talk plainly about complex issues. Fernando can be funny as well; which helps to drive important and weighty concepts with levity and grace." 
Gautam Jagannath
Executive Director
“The Health and Wellness Conference brings great speakers from all kinds of backgrounds, covering areas related to health and personal development, as well as how this helps you level up your business. I can only recommend that every take advantage of the Conference to charge your batteries with positive energy." 
Andrea Powell
Company Vice President
“The Health and Wellness Conference is a gathering of authentic hearts and wisdom that transcends traditional paradigms of achievement. It elevates and inspires you to be your best self but not at the expense of your own well-being.”
Dr. Sophie Lorn-Clifford 
Naturopathic Doctor

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